Thursday, March 13, 2008

Practicing for the Easter Egg Hunt

It's nearly impossible to keep it all business on this blog when I've got a toddler boy at home! Tonight we had several Easter egg hunt trials inside. I hid the eggs a couple of times while he waited patiently in his play room. I decided to give him a shot at I waited patiently, about 10 minutes and finally it was my turn! Of course he helped me find them and we played it over, and over, and over.

No kid wants to stop playing that kind of game and go to I promised him we would play it again tomorrow, asked him how many times he wanted to play and he showed me six fingers. When the real Easter egg hunt is here, 10 days to be exact, we will both be very ready! Get your peeps ready!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Pink Sneak Peek

I'm so excited about this project, I just had to give you a sneak peek! I'm creating a 20-page scrapbook with a BABY GIRL theme (pinks, spring greens and browns). The pages are just adorable for any baby girl's first year! Some of the titles include, It's a Girl, Baby Parts, Cute as a Button, You & Me, Life's Little Moments, Sweet Dreams, Play Time, and Watch Me Grow. If I had a girl myself, I might just keep it! I have created the layouts with one of my favorite lines of paper, Heidi Grace Baby Girl. Check out my shop for the final product, available for purchase very soon!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Paper Crafting Adhesives

It's very important to have a basic knowledge of adhesives when you're paper crafting. Over the years I have tried several different adhesives on several different projects and listened to feedback of customers/colleagues as I have also worked in a scrapbooking retail store for several years. Hopefully with this basic information, I can help you to get started with your paper projects or scrapbook pages...and if you'd rather have me do the creating for you, I assure you everything will be made with acid free, photo safe adhesive!

First and foremost, I recommend only ACID FREE adhesives. If you're working with photos in your project, the adhesive needs to be photo safe. With that said, I recommend a dry adhesive for any projects that will include photos. You don't want to risk any damage to the photo with a wet adhesive.

The difference between the two - a dry adhesive includes photo mounting squares, double sided photo tape, or adhesive that comes from a dispenser in the form of dots, tabs, or a solid strip. Most of these dispensers also have refills available. The dry adhesives I mentioned are quick, not a mess, and easy to use.

Wet adhesives are more commonly known as glue sticks, rubber cement glue, Elmer's glue, a glue pen, or another bottled glue. I recommend only using glue sticks for school paper projects. They're super easy for kids to use, but when working on a scrapbook page or another project, the glue stick won't hold everything together forever and if you use too much glue, your paper will warp. Same for Elmer's glue, it will stick a little bit better than a glue stick once it dries, but chances are your paper and pictures will bubble. Rubber cement glue - ah...first of all, it does not smell good, and secondly to my knowledge, it is not photo safe. Over time, applying this to the back of your photos will harm them.

JUST GETTING STARTED: My recommendation for someone just getting started and not wanting to invest a lot of money into the project just yet is Pioneer Photo Sticker Squares. You can get approximately 250 photo sticker squares for about $1.99 at most retailers. With about one tab in each corner of your photo and one in the middle, you can adhere a lot of photos and paper!

PERFECT FOR YOUR PHOTOS: I have tried several different adhesives that come in a round dispenser. My absolute favorite is the Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive. This adhesive is a solid line and has a strong bond. The Tombow is so easy to use and so easy to refill - no adhesive buildup and you control how much you use. I recommend a 1/2-1 inch of this adhesive in each corner of the photo and a 1-2 inch strip in the center, depending on the size of the photo. I use the Tombow for paper on paper and photo on paper projects, including my scrapbook pages. The dispenser, 472 inches of adhesive, retails for about $5.99. The refills, also 472 inches, retail for about $3.99.

DO YOU EMBELLISH? Clear adhesive dots, which include brand names, Glue Dots and Zots, are clearly my favorite for attaching ribbon, buttons, 3-D items, and other metal or acrylic embellishments. You can also use these clear dots on glass, plastic, wood and more! There are several different sizes of dots, depending on what you're adhering. I often buy more of the small size because I can adhere the smaller items and can always add more than one to something that is a bit bigger. Ok, I'll be honest, I own every size, but if that's not an option, there are many size options for you to choose from! A package of about 200 (depending on the size of dot you choose) retails for about $3.99.

OTHER PROJECTS: Another paper project you may need adhesive for, certainly is not limited to, but may include chipboard or wood. Sometimes I love the Quick Dry Tacky Adhesive made by Scotch, and other times I don't. Depending on the size of your project (ie., 12x12 in.), once you apply this adhesive, you had better apply fast, evenly and apply your paper quickly. Very appropriate name, the quick dry adhesive does just that. I recommend using it on paper projects that are a bit smaller. This will give you time to apply the adhesive and adhere your paper just right. You'll have more success with a smaller sized project (ie., 6x6 in). I also recommend applying it with a foam brush as you can smooth it out quicker and much easier. It's not as easy to apply as some others, but it certainly holds very well!

Another adhesive I would recommend for paper projects including chipboard and wood is Plaid Paper Mod Podge. You can purchase this in either a matte or glossy finish and a few different bottle sizes. Often used as a sealer/finish for paper projects, it can also be used as an adhesive. Same thing - apply it with a foam brush. It doesn't dry nearly as fast as the Quick Dry Tacky Adhesive, and it doesn't hold as well over time, but it's easier to apply for the bigger sized projects.

There are several other adhesives that I have used and highly recommend, but I don't use them as often on my projects.

Adhesive Foam Squares (EK Success): thick, double-sided adhesive foam adds dimension to your project

Wonder Tape Adhesive (Suze Weinberg): heat resistant, double-sided clear mylar tape, various sizes, used for adhering micro beads, sand, glitter and more

The Essential Glue Pad (Tsukineko): is essentially an ink pad, but instead an adhesive pad. You apply the glue to the dry pad from the bottle included. This works great for rubber stamps, clear stamps to apply ultra-fine glitter, chalk, and powdered pigments.

Herma Dotto Permanent Adhesive (EK Success): self-adhesive dots in a dispenser, refillable, both permanent and removable available

Herma Vario Tabs (EK Success): double-sided adhesive square tabs (1/2" X 1/2"), easy to refill

Quickie Glue Pen (Sakura): with a fine point tip, this adhesive is perfect for adhering all of those small paper pieces such as die cuts, punches, and other paper embellishments

create-a-sticker(Xyron): This is also a simple way to apply adhesive to smaller die cut letter and shapes and punches. Permanent and repositionable available, refillable

Scrapbook Adhesives photo corners(3L): self-adhesive, available in black, white, gold, kraft, ivory, and silver, they're sure to fit perfectly around your photos. Very easy, just slide onto your 4 photo corners and press onto the paper

I hope I have at least helped you to understand the importance of choosing the right adhesive for your project. If you're still not sure which adhesive is right for your project or would like a different recommendation, let me know. Regardless, it's important to invest in an adhesive that will last and not cause any damage to your photos or projects over time.

These are only recommendations made by myself. There is no liability for any product you choose to use on your paper and photo projects.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


As the new year arrives, so do the resolutions. Focus is one of my resolutions in 2008. I opened my Etsy shop more than 4 months ago and have anticipated each shop listing and the creative process that goes into making each product. I love being able to make something that someone else will appreciate, especially those products that include photos. When I'm not creating, I am usually caught playing some silly game with my husband and toddler son.

The year is already going by very quickly. With that said, I have decided to focus a bit more on the products within my shop. I love being able to create scrapbooking layouts, a creative way to keep those photo memories in one place. Be on the lookout for various themed layouts and a large number of scrapbook pages for an entire coordinating album, starting with baby girl. I will also feature a variety pack of cards for many occasions. There are several times to 'give' throughout 2008, so I will also be creating a few items perfect for displaying photos in your home or office and some gift giving products for many occasions throughout the year.

I am excited to continue this venture as 2008 progresses!